4 reasons its time to change cabinets

Though professionally installed kitchen and bathroom cabinetry can have a long shelf life, that doesn’t mean they last forever. Sometimes, it’s just plain necessary to accept that your kitchen or bathroom is in desperate need of a facelift, and it starts with new, eye-catching cabinets.

If you’re wondering if you’re about due for new cabinets, here are 4 signs it’s definitely time you consider a cabinetry update.

1. Structural Damage

Probably the easiest thing to assess, if your cabinets are coming apart at the joints and just plain don’t work right anymore, then it’s time for new ones. Structural damage can include uppers sagging from the ceiling, unsightly cracks, hinge damage, inability to open/close the cabinets, splitting of the wood, and more.

2. New Layout

If you’ve been busy renovating your home kitchen and bathrooms since you bought it, chances are your cabinets don’t match your new home aesthetic anymore. Cabinet designs come in and out, just like fashion, and need to be updated to complement your new home style.

Additionally, if you just can’t live another day with your present kitchen layout, then new cabinets and structuring is definitely in the cards for you this year.

3. Appliances Don’t Fit

If your new toaster, refrigerator, or other kitchen appliances you received around the holidays don’t fit into your present kitchen layout, it’s time to consider new cabinets. The average refrigerator, wall over, and range has increased over the last few decades – fitting them into existing cabinets can be a major chore.

Don’t settle for shoving your shiny new appliances in the closet. Bring them out to play with a new cabinet layout.

4. Refinishing Gone Wrong

Admit it – we all attempt that do-it-yourself fix with regards to our homes at one point or another in our lives. Previous homeowners probably experimented with refinishing the existing cabinets, and ended up doing more harm than good. For example, they could have used a brush or heavy-nap roller instead of spraying while the doors and hinges are hung.

A mistake like this can damage the cabinet surface to the point of no return, making a thorough fix more expensive than just replacing the cabinets themselves. Trying to sand down old paint marks is a futile effort.

If you nodded your head yes to any of these four reasons, then it’s time you consider new cabinetry installation this year. We’re an expert team adept in the quick, seamless, and affordable development of any style of cabinetry.