To get started with your new kitchen, contact us and make an appointment to meet with our professional designer on site, in our showroom for an initial consultation. Walk-ins are also welcome.


During our consultation with you, we work with you to ensure we understand your ideas and vision for your new kitchen. We discuss options for the design, and materials for your project. We find it is especially useful if you bring the floor plan, room dimensions, and plans, as well as your thoughts on materials and fixtures that you wish to include. We will show you the different options in cabinetry, fixtures and materials and give you a general price estimate for the work.


Within 3-5 days after the consultation, we will create a proposal for you that includes the costs for the cabinets, delivery and installation done by our in house experts.


You will review the proposal, and approve it, following any questions you may have.


Once you approve the proposal, our designers get to work to create your new kitchen space.


Our designers visit your home, measure the dimensions of your kitchen and create a 3D rendering of your new kitchen design for you to approve.

Sign Off:

Once you approve the 3D renderings, our technical team will use AUTOCAD to create a complete set of professional design build drawings. Both you and the initial NY Cabinets designer will accept and finalize the drawings and the cabinets will be ordered.


It will take approximately 1 week to 12 weeks to produce the kitchen cabinets, depending on the complexity of your project. We will not do anything in your house until all cabinets are completed and in our warehouse ready for delivery.


Installation will take a minimum of 2 days and may take up to 14 days, depending on the design and complexity of the kitchen. Countertops are installed following.